This arrangement of white mums, tulips and pink roses comes with a Shea Brand shea butter gift set.

Holiday season is the perfect reason to surround ourselves with all the soft things. Enter Velvet, our limited edition holiday Bouq, and this ultra-nourishing set of four raw shea butter blends. This arrangement of white tulips, pink spray roses, white mums, cedar, and eryngium is extra luxurious, making this mix an impeccable go-to for indoor decor. And Shea Company鈥檚 blissful raw shea butters? You butter believe it! They're infused with the perfect essential oils to transport you to your happy place AND deeply moisturize your skin. We're talkin' jasmine, rose, lavender, and woodland fog...just writing about it makes us feel joy. Even the box is awesome 鈥 it鈥檚 magnetic, super sturdy and reusable, obvs. This one鈥檚 already on our wish list, and we know you鈥檒l love it, too!

Meet the farmer

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Farmer Lane


Founded by a high school teacher and one of his students with five acres of Iris and a few rows of daffodils, Lane has helped grow the farm to be the #1 producer of cut flowers in the USA. How did they do it? Simple, staying committed to building a hardworking and happy workforce. Take a walk through the fields of their farms and you'll find Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, Tulips, Asters, Delphinium, as well as other seasonal crops. Plus, a trip to any of their greenhouses is like entering a world of color!

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